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Technology of work

Stage 1 - Preparation for exhibition

Preparation for forthcoming arrangement begins approximately for six months prior to exhibition official opening. Preparation for exhibition means determination of organizational questions and official paper work.

Stage 2 - Paper work

Preparation for exhibition includes paper work for participation in exhibition and stands construction. All documents register officially by employees of EXPOFORUM, Exhibition Company (filling application forms, invoicing, Contract concluding, statement signing). Paper work can concur with solution of some questions, concerning to preparation for exhibition. Correctly made out in time documents serve to pledge of successful participation in exhibition.

Stage 3 - Design of project

At the same time, it is necessary to start important stage preparation of design of project. At given stage We try to take into account all factors which can affect on formation of Individual Image of Your Company at exhibition. Stands, that are not demanding individual construction, are developing by employees of EXPOFORUM, Exhibition Company and EXPOSERVICE, Ltd. Development of exclusive and non-standard stands is realizing by advertising agency SPETSTEPLOSERVICE, Ltd. Ready-made design of project allows to start determination of organizational questions of participation in exhibition.

Stage 4 - Organizational and technical questions

Manufacturing of stands begins after approval of ready-made design of project by Customer and coordination of all organizational and technical questions with Organizer of the exhibition (bundling and filling of the stand, technique). Successful execution of the terms established by Organizer depends on mobility in the problem solving of these questions.

Stage 5 Stands manufacturing

As soon as organizational and technical questions will be solved, than start ones to manufacturing of necessary exposition systems. Construction of exhibition exposition in exhibition pavilion begins for two or three days prior to the beginning of the exhibition opening.

Stage 6 - Handing over of ready-made stand to the Exhibitor by the Organizer, before exhibition opening.

Stands manufacturing comes to end by solving of last technical questions and handing over to Client of the ready-made stand. At the given stage the customer becomes acquainted with the ready-made stand, checks on accordance with design of project, tells last wishes on change of separate elements of the stand. At day of Participants arrival on the exhibition, Exhibitors deliver and place exhibits, equipment, flower compositions and other necessary elements.

Stage 7 - Service during operating time of the exhibition

Handing over of stands is the final stage of exhibition stand preparation for exposition. However, prominent feature of exclusive exhibition construction consists in the complex approach to the organization and carrying out of the exhibition. Its means that actually stands manufacturing is only a part of the exhibition as carefully thought-out and planned marketing action. During operating time of the exhibition ones realize the permanent maintenance service of stands provided by the application forms and Contract, such as: illumination, security, water supply, cleaning.

Stage 8 - Handing over of the stand to the Organizer by the Exhibitor back, after exhibition closing.

After exhibition closing Participant has to hand over the stand and rented exhibition equipment in a proper order to the exhibition Organizers.

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