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For construction of exhibition stand, organization of place for production demonstrating, and working office use system exhibition equipment such as CONSTA (Finland) and SYSTEM STANDEX (Denmark) that allow to execute all elements of a design developed by exhibition system OCTANORM (Germany).
Constructions of profile type have the most widespread application, because of wide opportunities of configurations. Its can be showcases, counters, shelves, racks, partitions, and also various non-standard elements.


As a rule, its use in this system the tetrahedral aluminum structure intended for building of a wide spectrum of constructions from office partitions, exhibition stands, cases, boxes for furniture. It is used traditionally for shelves creation for heavy goods like automobile spare parts, electric tools, drinks, and etc. Bearers and supports of this system possess high rigidity on a bend that is distinctive feature of structures of system CONSTA

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Is analogue of system OCTANORM the constructor, who has a wide circulation in the Western Europe got. His basis is octahedral aluminum structure. In a basis of SYSTEM STANDEX sides are absent; the external form of the support is the cylinder. The increased distance of grooves from 4 up to 8 mm allows using more variants of structure filling. For example, it is possible to use of 8 mm. plywood with the fixed massive exhibits without any additional fasteners. Design of locks is easier and more convenient. Locked lock easily maintains weight of the man. As a whole SYSTEM STANDEX system much more stably than OCTANORM system. And from the aesthetic point of view SYSTEM STANDEX system looks more elegantly than OCTANORM system, too.

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