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General information

Exhibition stand is the limited area that handing over to company for goods and services performance at the exhibition.

Depending on location at exhibition ground the stands can be next kinds:

  • B island or block-stand (open from all sides)
  • A head stand (open from any three sides),
  • U angular stand (open from two adjoining sides)
  • F through or transparent stand (open from two opposite sides)
  • R linear stand (open from only one side)

Stand can represent the system of connected separate stands: often firm (or holding) instead of one large stand intentionally use system of more small stands for the greater visitors scope of the exhibition as well as more aim exhibiting of the goods and / or services.

The stand can be two-storeyed, consist of 2 floors. Usually such stands to made to order.

Depending on stand structure it is possible to allocate such types of stands:

  • Standard or modular stands;
  • Standard stands with elements of individual design;
  • Exclusive stands (Individual stands).

Standard (modular) stand

The standard stand is closed around the periphery by rigid frames (consist of metal horizontal bearers and vertical supports) with white wall panels built-in with fixed pitches of joint. The frieze panel crowns the structure of the stand and goes along whole open side of the stand at the height. Usually, on frieze panel its stick on the name of the company-participant by typical font or its draw the graphic.

The structure of the standard stand provides an opportunity to make the additional order of wall elements for organization of V.I.P. zones, negotiating zones, technical zones, and zones for storage. Besides it is possible to build typical elements such as: informational desks, showcases with lighting, podiums, and etc. Also it is possible to rent typical furniture according to assortment shown into application forms.

Standard stands are budgetary variant of participation in the exhibition.

Usually, rent of standard stand includes: equipped exhibition area (consist of non-equipped exhibition area, complex construction of the stand from the system exhibition equipment wall panels, bearers, supports, floor carpet, frieze panel without inscription, 1 table, 2 semi-easy chairs, 1 plug-socket 220V, 1 single spot-light for every each 4 sq. m., wall clothes rack, waste basket).

Standard stands with elements of individual design

Standard stands with elements of individual design as a matter of fact is the same standard stands, but with insignificant additions.

Such stand can be made out in various color scale. At designing is using typical circuits, but with elements of graphic addition banners, self-adhesive films. At due strengthening of wall elements is possible to use at the stand the plasma panels and projective screens. Making of individual design elements somehow is possible: revolving or fixed square tower cube (oval) with lighting (Light Box), banner design, exhibit podiums. The stand at the certain updating can be two-storeyed, and includes elements of rotation, lights, and color solutions: Light Boxes, graphical trade mark of the company, and etc.

Exclusive stands (Individual stands)

Exclusive stands are capable to play on maximum productivity on strengthening of image of the company and to reflect any conceptual idea. Final result is limited by only technical opportunities, budget of the project, and the terms which has been released on editing of the stand. The design of the exclusive stand fully complies with corporative style of the company-participant.

At realization of Exclusive Stand project using such materials as wood, glass, metal, banner textile, strech-textile, plexiglas, PVC, and others. Individually for Clients needs We order exclusive furniture, special illumination, Maxima Light elements, neon advertising. There is creating floristic compositions, individual reception desk, exposition niches, and every possible graphic decision.

The exclusive stand is: various podium structures, painting of surfaces by autoenamel, job with glass, laser illumination, and hanger above the stand of any elements, audio and video accompaniment, and many other things.

The necessary information for development of the stand:

  • Company data
  • Description of products that intended for demonstration at the exhibition
    (quantity, sizes, weight; features of warehousing, assembly)
  • Stand location
    (general plan of exhibition floor plan; physical properties of the given place with available restrictions; passes location; probable circuit of visitors traffic)
  • Allocation of personnel and exhibits at stand, stand maintenance
  • Equipment for exposition expansion: racks, shelves, showcases, PCs, faxes, audiovisual means, and etc.
  • Office-room and/or storage-room location at stand, space for drinks, warehousing, etc.
  • At appearance of the stand it is necessary to choose color and ways of stand trimming: self-adhesive films, floor covering, illumination of exhibits, flowers, pictures, fountains, flags, sculptures, logos, and etc.
  • Electric and water supply
  • Internet and phones using

For construction of exhibition stand, organization of place for production demonstrating, and working office use system exhibition equipment such as CONSTA and SYSTEM STANDEX.

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